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video art, Artscience, science art, interactive art, bio-art
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FESTIVAL PROGRAM November 30 (Sunday) Opening of the Festival-Exhibition 16-00. Gathering of participants and guests. Examination of the exposition. Acquaintance with works and participants. 17-15. Official opening. - Musical and plastic suites with spatial structures Dm. Kozlova (Evgenia Andrianova, Avenir Kazansky, Vladimir Smirnov, Nikolay Naumov) - Boris Stuchebryukov. Satellite project. Kinetic sculpture "Galatea". Interaction experiences - Sergey Tyryshkin, Anatoly Kedrov, Evgenia Andrianova. Costume geometry (poetic installation) December 4 (Thursday) 17-00 - 19-00 Ninel Almazova Master class: Synthesis of the perception of form, color and sound. The integrity and unity of the perception of form, color and sound is revealed in numerous musical examples. A unique author's technique is demonstrated December 6 (Saturday) 12-00 - 15-00 Meetings with authors of works, demonstration of interactive objects, interactive graphics, scientific experiments with the participation of spectators • Igor Zenkin, Alexander Belokopytov. Studying visual phantoms - scientific experiments with afterimages • Mikhail Che, Maria Ishchenko, Roman Gavrilov (UHTO group). "Crystallization of the surrounding world - mobile" crystals " • Roman Gavrilov. "Travels to the World of Pollen" - a demonstration in a spherical dome • Vita Adlerberg. About artistic reconstruction of brain scans • Group "UHTO". Video-art installation "Rod". Birth of the Galaxy (artistic reconstruction) • Alexander Zherebtsov. Master class: BEC - bioenergy complex (bio-phyto-module) • Boris Stuchebryukov. Master class: Installation "Galatea". Interaction experiences 15-00 - 19-00 Round table (master classes, messages, discussions) • Dmitry Kozlov. Master class: Transformable spatial structures • Andrey Topunov. Master class: Interactive graphics • Alexander Pankin. Master class: Reconstruction of the mutual rotation of Malevich's squares • Vyacheslav Koleichuk. Master class: Impossible is possible! • Igor Zenkin, Alexander Belokopytov. About working with afterimages • Discussion December 7 (Sunday) 13-00 - 15-00 • Igor Zenkin, Alexander Belokopytov. Scientific experiments with afterimages. Environment for the study of visual phantoms • Ilya Volnov. Master class: Sacred geometry - new iconography of Kuznetsov's writing. Kuznetsov's letter is a new sacred space. Reverse perspective in the color rendering of Kuznetsov's writing. ( 14-00 - 19-00 Discussion platform • Konstantin Kedrov: Poetry of geometry and geometry of poetry • Vladimir Aristov: Interaction of mathematical (physical) and artistic (poetic) images. • Andrey Bandura. Master class: A.N. Scriabin and the practice of "Musicovision" (music video forms) • Ninel Almazova. Master class: Synthesis of the perception of form, color and sound • Dmitry Veyze. Master class: Phyllotaxis as a phenomenon. Quasi-musical tuning • Elena Stepanova. Concert - presentation: theremin-cinematography, (video sequence, theremin, computer) • Natalia Klimova. Performance "Musical and light-color meanings in" Songs of a Beautiful Stranger "(A. Izosimov and S. Gadzhieva) December 13 (Saturday) 12-00 - 15-00 Creative meetings with project participants, presentation of projects • Alexander Zherebtsov. Master class: BEC - bioenergy complex (bio-phyto-module) • Ilya Volnov. Master class: Sacred geometry: new iconography of Kuznetsov's writing. Semantic vacuum of Kuznetsov's writing. Performativity and hierotoriya of Kuznetsov's writing ( 14-00 - 19-00 Round table • Alexander Pushkarev. Optical space of the cross. Geometric Foundations of the Visual Environment • Dmitry Veyze. Phyllotaxis and calendar systems. Mendeleev table • Eleanor Belevskaya. The geometry of the cosmos • Vladimir Smirnov, Nikolay Naumov. Biopoetry • Nikolay Naumov. Expansion of musical thinking into science and art • Igor Zenkin, Alexander Belokopytov. Postimage message • Peter Theremin. Theremin is the embodiment of the synthesis of science and art • Discussion December 14 (Sunday) 13-00 - 15-00 Creative meetings with authors of works, presentation of projects 14-00 - 19-00 Round table. Musical and dance performance. Film screening, video presentations • Stanislav Kreichi, Andrey Topunov: "Heads" (based on Pavel Filonov's painting "11 heads"), 2013, "Geometry of sound" (to the 100th anniversary of Evgeny Murzin), 2014, "ANS synthesizer", 2014. • Mystery form of reconstruction of optical WARP engine. Overcoming the speed of light. Authors: Olga Pobedova, Nikolay Naumov. With the participation of the plastic group Evgenia Andrianova, Ivan Suvorov, the group "Sketches in space". Light projections by Nikolai Naumov. Video and photography, editing: Egavara Mitasova and Olga Vasilyeva-Anikeeva • Vladimir Nasedkin: "Venetian stanzas" by Joseph Brodsky in woodcuts by Vladimir Nasedkin ", 2011," Flight over Moscow ", 2012 • Video (slide) films: Vasily Bychkov, Klara Golitsyna, Timofey Reshetov, Pavel Zhavoronkov, Vyacheslav Koleichuk • Naw sci-fi cartoon "Pass" (director Vladimir Tarasov, graphic artist Anatoly Fomenko). A screen adaptation of the novel "The Village" by Kir Bulychev. Composer Alexander Gradskiy, song to lyrics by Sasha Cherny. Cast: Alexander Kaidanovsky, Vasily Livanov, Alexander Pashutin and others, December 20 (Saturday) 12-00 - 15-00 Meetings with authors of works, demonstration of interactive objects, interactive graphics 14-00 - 18-00 Round table. Messages, discussions, demonstrations Reflexive actions (polynomials) - poetic, plastic, musical, pictorial. We offer responses, replicas, continuation and development based on the images captured at the exhibition. • Vladimir Smirnov. Musical and poetic interpretations of graphic works presented at the exhibition • Konstantin Kedrov & Co, Nikolay Naumov & Co, group "UHTO" and Co., group "Sketches in space" • Closing of the festival ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Festival of education - This is both an exhibition and a festival. - This is the embodiment of the synthesis of science and art in the Open Laboratory of Creativity. - This is communication with leading scientists and artists. - This is participation in the creation of an extended perspective of vision (in art and science). - These are discussion, cultural, educational, concert environments. - These are platforms for poetic, musical, plastic, pictorial reflections, replicas (secondary, tertiary) - reflections for the studied phenomena. - This is an association of leading experts in the field of science (mathematics, physics, microbiology, computer science, linguistics), on the one hand, and artists, poets, musicians, composers, movers (dancers), fashion designers, on the other. - This is a fundamentally new cognitive environment for mutual metaphorization, interpretation and free association in the space of scientific and artistic images. - It is an environment for the creation of multidimensional, multilevel reflective models at all stages of the life cycle of art works and explications of scientific phenomena. - This is a set of models of various genres: mathematical, mythological and poetic; musical and plastic; graphic, painting, sculptural, multimedia (2D and 3D); designer clothing models; biological and physical models (vision, MRI diagnostics and cosmology), in the aggregate of scientific-artistic and artistic-scientific knowledge and incarnations. Cognitive Art Models in Mathematics - An amazing collection of art forms of geometric structures: - art graphics for topological structures and number series A. Fomenko; - interactive dynamic transformations of geometric figures by A. Topunov; - visualization (A. Pankin, A. Dibin to the music of O. Nikankin) of the mutual rotation of squares (black and red) of the same name Suprematist composition by K. Malevich; - an extensive collection of D. Kozlov's transformable spatial structures based on topological nodes and links; - the kinetic sculptural form of B. Stuchebryukov - a kind of "thick" plane of 22,000 razor blades, which makes it possible to create models of topological spaces; - "impossible" graphic figures of V.Koleichuk in three dimensions. The new geometries created by the artists are unique expressive "geometries" and are stable artistic formations in their creative method of synthesis. To carry out mathematical, musical, plastic and other reflections, the following "geometries" are introduced into consideration: “Total many coherence” by K. Golitsyna; P. Zhavoronkov's “total vision”; “Streaming multi-event” by T. Reshetov; polyformy (internal and external) optical sculpture by O. Pobedova; "Multi-projection forms" V. Nasedkin; optical illusions by V. Bychkov; sacred iconography of Kuznetsov's writing; the optical space of the cross by A. Pushkarev; phyllotaxic forms and their applications D. Weise; visual phantoms and afterimages of I. Zenkin, A. Belokopytov; products of the musical form S. Kreichi; the tonal analysis of the musical form by A. Bandura, N. Almazova; “Crystallization of the surrounding world” (M. Che, M. Ishchenko, R. Gavrilova); the multidimensional world of R. Gavrilov's pollen; artistic reconstruction of images of the brain V. Adlerberg. In addition to traditional genres of art (painting, graphics, sculpture, photography), the exposition includes two light-dynamic programs: Artistic reconstruction of the birth of the Galaxy (Universe) - video art installation "Rod" (Roman Gavrilov, Andrey Popkov, Tatiana Kalmykova, Vita Adlerberg, Andrey Kildeev, Evgeny Afonin, Yan Kalnberzin, Felix Fanzha), “Overcoming the Speed ​​of Light”. "Trial" intergalactic flights with WARP engines that warp space. " Optical sculptures by Olga Pobedova are used. Authors: Olga Pobedova, Nikolay Naumov. With the participation of the plastic group Evgenia Andranova, Ivan Suvorov, the group "Sketches in Space". Video-photo processing and editing: Egavara Mitasova and Olga Vasilyeva-Anikeeva New theoretical approaches to creating metaphors ricalmodels are presented in the works of V. Aristov, K. Kedrov, and N. Naumov.
Gallery "Na Kashirke" (Organizer)
"Na Kashirke" Art Gallery (35 building 5 Academic Millionshikov Street, Moscow, Russia)


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  • Naumov N. А. (Curator, Author of the text, Project manager)
  • Chekalina L. (Curator)
  • Bulatov D. K. (Author of the text)
  • Vol'nov I. Н. (Curator, Artist, Speaker)
  • Stuchebryukov B. (Artist)
  • Gavrilov R. (Artist)
  • Adlerberg V. (Artist)
  • Koleychuk V. (Artist)
  • Weise D. L. (Artist, Scientist)
  • Stepanova Y. (Speaker)
  • Theremin P. (Musician / composer)
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АРТ-группа «УХТО»
Трехмерная периодическая система химических элементов в технике киригами
Weise D. L. (Artist, Scientist)