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The festival was held in Moscow from March 16 to March 29, 2009 by order of the Dynasty Foundation for Non-Commercial Programs. The main event of the festival was the first science-art exhibition in Russia Science as Suspense. Scientists and artists who have received worldwide recognition were invited to participate in the festival, which made it possible to show science as the most important part of world culture. In addition to the exhibition, the festival program included artist talks from participating artists, lectures by scientists, a round table for museum workers, a discussion about Scientific myths, an exhibition of the winners of the Science Museum in the 21st Century grant competition, and an Award Ceremony for the winners of the competition performed by the Engineering Theater AX.
Dmitry Zimin "Dynasty" Foundation (Donor, Customer)
Agency 21 (Organizer, Partner)


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  • Apollonova A. Е. (Manager / coordinator)
  • Busova V. S. (Manager / coordinator)
  • Pokrass M. M. (Technical director)
  • Kudryashov A. (Pr manager)
  • Kostusenko A. (Manager / coordinator)
  • Khatskelevich R. S. (Producer)