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From March 22 to April 12, 2013, at the Samara Kosmicheskaya Museum, by order of the Dmitry Zimin Dynasty Foundation, Agency 21 held an exhibition of popular science interactive exhibits created by the winners of the Science Museum in the 21st Century competition. Over the years of the competition, dozens of various exhibits have been created, beautiful, interesting, informative, which you can and should touch with your hands. We brought some of them to Samara. The exhibition was addressed to children and their parents, teachers and designers, students and retirees. The authors who created the exhibits strived not only for scientific accuracy, but also for the exhibits to be truly modern and impressive. An integral part of the exhibition is a program of lectures and open lessons for schoolchildren, at which the winners of the competition, authors of projects from different cities of Russia, as well as specially invited scientists and popularizers of science will tell in a fascinating way about biology, physics, astronomy, chemistry, modern technology and technology. Master classes for junior schoolchildren were conducted by specialists from the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw.
Agency 21 (Organizer, Partner)
Dmitry Zimin "Dynasty" Foundation (Donor, Customer)
Museum and Exhibition Center "Samara Space" (Partner)


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  • Aktuganova I. I. (Curator)
  • Apollonova A. Е. (Manager / coordinator)
  • Kuzina Y. M. (Producer)
  • Yefremov A. (Scientific consultant, Speaker)
  • Where Dogs Run :
    • Grekhova N. . (Artist)
    • Inozemceva O. V. (Artist)
    • Korzukhin A. V. (Artist)
  • Olga and Alexander Filimonov


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Where Dogs Run :
  • Grekhova N. . (Artist)
  • Inozemceva O. V. (Artist)
  • Korzukhin A. V. (Artist)
Where Dogs Run :
  • Grekhova N. . (Artist)
  • Korzukhin A. V. (Artist)
  • Inozemceva O. V. (Artist)
  • Bulatov V. (Artist)
Perevalov D. (Technician / programmer)